Looney Lenny T-shirts are in!!!

Yes, Looney Lenny fans, it's true! The all new Looney Lenny T-shirt is here. Currently available in Small Kid, Medium Kid or sort of
Large-ish Kid sizes. If people like them--or you personally request it--we will make adult sizes.

Modeled by Sluby-the first to get one! Don't be the last! Which is nearly impossible because we can always make more...

This is the first design we will offer, but hope to add a different design each year. This year Looney Lenny turns 16, so we will most likely have a "Sweet 16" special-T by years end.

Email us to let us know if you want a shirt for your fan--or if you are booking a party make sure to tell us to include it in your package for the b-day child or as a goodie bag item for all of your guests. Beats a bag full of plastic junk made in China for a penny (sorry OTC).

Planning a Birthday Party in NYC

Google Search Stories is a cool and easy-to-use. Look what I made:

Check out how you can make one here: http://www.youtube.com/SearchStories

Kids Movie Review: School of Rock

Some of you know I am a big movie fan. In my personal collection I have approximately 650 DVD's. I began collecting when I didn't have a TV for ten years or so. I didn't miss the television, I missed the movies. As soon as I had a computer that could play DVD's I began collecting and before too long it became just about the only thing I spent money on; that and rent--which in NYC is always more than it should be.

My love affair with movies began when I was 4. I couldn't say what my first movie was but I certainly remember my early excitement in going to the movies. My affinity for the movies grew with each film I saw. I began making a list a young age and it became a family tradition that my grandfather and I would go out on Saturday mornings and get a hair cut and see a movie I was interested in. The usual question I get is, how could you get a haircut every Saturday? The answer is less amusing than how could my Grandfather get a hair cut every Saturday when he was practically bald.

I don't really have a favorite genre of films. I collect documentaries, dramas, Oscar winners and kids flicks--animated or otherwise and of course, comedies. Being a clown, naturally i consider myself a bit of an expert in the comedy department, so I decided to start a kids movie review to help guide my readers to the best movies to waste your time and money on.

Overtime I will figure out the best rating system. right now--I think I will give three ratings. 1. Good for kids 2. Good for adults 3. Overall rating. In order to keep things easy to understand I will adopt the school rating system of A,B,C. etc.

My first review is for School of Rock. I chose it because it is a great movie for kids and adults. alike. I firmly believe that if a movie isn't great for adults too it isn't worth recommending. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing until you have seen it. This being said, I won't be reviewing any Dora movies or the like.

On to the review---

Summary: A wanna be rocker (Jack Black) cannot pay his rent so he poses as his substitute teacher roommate (Mike White--who also wrote the screenplay) and takes a job in an upscale elementary school--think Westchester. While not taking the job very seriously he stumbles upon his students various talents in music. Seeing these young musical minds in a new light and in need of shaping (think crash course in Rock-n-Roll) and him in need of a band to win the battle of the bands, Jack Black (Dewey) corals the students and the Stern yet simple minded principle (Joan Cusack) into writing music, creating a dramatic lighting show and even auditioning downtown during school hours. A classic caper that explodes to a warm fuzzy crescendo that will have you and your child singing the title song and playing air guitar.

What will your kids take away from it:
Well first things first--this is a great film to get your kids interested in music or playing a musical instrument. There are some fatal flaws in the movie based on the fact that Dewey breaks a lot of rules and is generally a fairly selfish immature character, but of course he does come of age, sort of. It does explore the possibilities of other careers for smart musicians but the real lesson is not to get a pushy insensitive girlfriend and value your friendships of youth even if you do. A great movie to introduce your kids to the real Jack Black and not the animated panda version.

Directed by Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, Scanner Darkly)
Also stars Sarah Silverman as the antagonistic roommate girlfriend. Adam Pascal from the Broadway musical RENT as the old band mate who fires Dewey.

1. Good for kids--A-
2. Good for adults--A+
3. Overall rating-- A

Other movies like this one:
Kung Fu Panda
Spy High
Good Boy

Umbilically Yours

The Umbilical Brothers are a fantastic physical comedy duo who often use sound effects to make their already exaggerated movements come to life in a hysterical amalgam of classic comedy and serious performance chops. They also have a children's show called the "UpsideDown Show"on Noggin that I think is one of the best to come around in recent years. Rumor has it (they whispered it in my ear so it counts as a rumor) that they are working on a movie version sometime this year. I was fortunate enough to see them a bunch last time they were in NYC. Looney Lenny highly recommends these guys for kids of all ages (that means adults too). Just be careful what you let your tyke watch, as they also have adult themed material that is a little more risque. Check out one of my favorite vids here. And be sure to check out their show "Speedmouse" next time they are in town. Be sure to tell them Looney Lenny sent ya!

Me and my pet Cheeseburger

One of my favorite tricks of late has been my drooping flower trick. Unfortunately I had to retire it until I can find a place to get the exact same one as I had before. I miss you Cheeseburger! Don't worry--I am sure he will return soon.

Starworks: Lesly's Looney Lenny Poem

Sadly about a month after I received this my friend Sneezly passed away. She was always so sweet and attentive when I did my show. Sometimes when kids are sick and quietly watching is hard to tell they are really into the show. As time went by I noticed that Sneezly was paying very close attention although she never prticipated verbally. I was so excited when the Child Life personell told me she was a big fan and would never miss the show. There is no greater joy than hearing that I am something children look forward to in their long journey through the healing process. I am so proud to be a rainbow in a sometimes dark place. I miss you sneezly.

Washington Market Park with old friends

Alright maybe she isn't that old--don't let the mustache fool you. This my friend Candle. I did her 4th and 5th birthday parties and then subsequently I did her sister Tickler's 4th and 5th and 6th and then her Brother Jellybean's 4th. All in all you would think they would be done with me--but no! They still love me and I still love them. They don't hold the record for single family hiring, but they do make sure they see me every chance that comes their way. Come see me and the whole family May 15 at Taste of Tribeca. She may shave before then so you might not be able to pick her out of the crowd.

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