You make a lasting impression on everyone! For an entire year - after meeting you in NJ - our niece Carolyn & nephew William have called themselves Cat Hair and Sillyum (Psyllium?), and my former NJ neighbor Luke still calls himself Fluke.

My sister just sent an email saying she cracked up looked at the party pictures because she could totally still hear your voice. The parents at Olivia's school are still raving about you (even to the teachers), and the parents who missed the party say they hear the "magic clown" was great!

You are embedded in many memories, my friend! :-)

Angela W.


Hi Lenny

Wanted to make sure I write to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. You helped to make Schuyler's birthday so special. It was so wonderful of you to stay until we cut the cake. I thank you for your patience with the kids both during and after your performance, even as they hung on you arm.

Schuyler informed me, when asked, that the trick with the magic wand pulling apart was his favorite part of the party. That speaks volumes for me, and you made that possible.

Thank You Thank You and I will see you at bank street's fall fair!!

Sonja J.


Dear Looney Lenny,

Thank you for making Charlotte and Jemma’s birthday so special on Tuesday in Central Park. The children loved your magic and antics. You really bring a lot of joy to the kids.

I’ll be happily making recommendations to our friends.

Thanks again
Jennifer H.


Thank you for another unforgettable party! You have a gift.

Cathy and Ariel


Thanks again for a great party! I think the adults had as much fun as the kids....a sign of a truly good show!

Adam C.


Hi Looney Lenny,

Seen you at many birthday parties. The kids adore you and so do some of the parents (the ones with a sense of humor).

--Renee J. daughter 7


You Rock our world, MC Lenny! Are there really people who haven't heard of him? Maybe in Latvia...

Josh G.


"You are Amazing!"
Richard Kind, Actor


Thank you again for yesterday's party. Marozni is not usually so open and loving with folks he doesn't know, but he's so clearly inspired by your humor and sense of engagement.

At what age do you take apprentices?? (just kidding).

Deniz mom of Marozni (4yrs old)


As the Director of the Child Life Program at Saint Vincent's Hospital for the last 9 years, we have had numerous artists in residence work for us entertaining and providing therapy to the children in the hospital. Each job entails interacting with the children to provide a healing and child friendly environment in the areas of clowning, magic, music, singing, art etc. There isn’t one artist or entertainer that is more popular or a bigger hit with patients of all ages, families and the staff than Looney Lenny the Clown.

Looney Lenny, our favorite clown/magician, has been working with our Child Life Program since before I began at St. Vincent’s in 1997. I was lucky enough to have previously worked with Looney Lenny at my former job at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center (1995-1997). Looney Lenny makes clowning look easy. I became spoiled watching him easily entertain a mixed-age crowd of children and adults, weaving in fun and jokes for everyone in the crowd. Looney Lenny is truly gifted at the art of clowning. He is appropriate, fun, silly and smart all wrapped up into one colorful package. I have seen other clowns in action and am always at least slightly disappointed, as no one seems to measure up to Looney Lenny. The fun and enjoyment that artists and performers such as Looney Lenny provide to the pediatric unit is not only fun, but also vital and important.

On a more personal note, I can’t wait until my 2-year-old son is old enough to enjoy Looney Lenny at a party. I’ve seen Looney Lenny entertain at birthday parties and his energy is astounding and children and adults are all mesmerized. This is no easy task, but Looney Lenny makes it all seem so effortless.


Rachel N. Gorman, MA, CCLS
Child Life Program Coordinator
St. Vincent’s Hospital


I just wanted to thank you again for coming to Daniel's birthday party this Sunday. The kids (and parents) all really loved it and I know Daniel especially had a great time. It was especially great for us as parents since the kids were so completely absorbed by you that we were actually able to sit back and relax and enjoy the party.

Rachel L.


Dear Looney Lenny,

We can't thank you enough for the entertainment you provided at our son Patrick's first birthday party. You had all of the kids loving you from the minute you arrived until the minute you left! They all had so much fun with you and can't stop talking about you and your tricks. I have attached some photos for you in case you keep an album of sorts.

Thanks again and maybe we can see you again sometime -- do you ever do any shows that we could bring the kids to? Please let me know!!

With warm regards,
Stacey C.


I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much my kids (and the neighborhood too, by the looks of the crowd) enjoyed your show at Taste! My middle child, Taylor (aka Tickler), said "Looney Lenny is soooo funny! When will I see him again?" Many thanks to you and your crew for making the rainy day a bit sunnier for the small ones in the crowd!

Wendy Chapman
Taste, Co-Chair


Thank you for a great party! Cara and Emi were giddy/drunk with delight the other parents were very impressed I can't believe you do these acts back to back you could pay me double an I still couldn't do what you do!!!

Daughters 7 and 4


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