This says it all.

Everyone is always fascinated with my pockets. I think this picture tells a great deal. I don't even have a hat.

From my longtime clients and friends Rachel, Marley and Jesse. Here I seem to be some kind of venetian jester. I also used to have this smiley face pin on top of my hat. Love it! It is fine art!

I also don't remember getting this one but it totally resembles a De Kooning painting. I also seem to have red dog ears. Or maybe that is my aura. Purple hat duly noted.

I Love Lilly! I have had the honor of performing at her fundraisers, as well as having our resident Belly Dancer, Andrea and Penny Pumpernickel on hand to paint faces and such. We also had a Fire performance by Sky & Vlad. The children found this part very interesting. There were many questions. How do they not burn themselves? I think they have some kind of invisible jelly all over their bodies to protect them. And in their mouth. Hmmm. You decide.

This was included in a thank you note. I think there is some kind of animal peeking out of my back pack. Is that you Cheeseburger? I think she is sticking out her tongue at me--or worse yet-behind my back.

I don't remember when I got this one but I love it. I look like a sock puppet. The detail of the vest is right on! I did have a pair of blue Pumas right around that time so it is fantastically accurate.

This picture was featured in some literature for Starlight and the hospital visit program. The girl Carissa was a fan of mine from St. Vincents Hospital. I was so touched she chose to do a picture of me. I have run in to her on the street over the years. She looks healthy and happy. : )

I have a great photo of Brett holding up a different pic he drew of me but that he wanted to keep. He drew this one just so I could take one home. He was a master artist and knew it. Thanks Brett!

A caricature artist did this in less than a minute. Unfortunately it took less than that to forget his name.

The day I was a clown hero. I rescued an artist in distress. She was locked out of her apartment and I used my magic to get her in. This was her thank you card. Thanks Miran! Obviously I had my hat off at the time.

Not my favorite shot of me but Snowin is having a blast. Thanks for putting me in your personal calendar! It was great to be back this year.

Lenny By Evan the caricaturist--I look a little evil here but perhaps I am just reading some ones mind. It takes a lot of concentration.

This is one of the best pix ever! Looney Lenny with boom box by Kyleen age 13. This drawn from a photo she took of me. We had a lot of good times in those days. I miss you sisters Hyde.

Thank you card from Miss. Lisa's class for circus day.

My old pal Snora made this for me. She was a patient I knew for many years and now she is a teenager and healthy! She always called me Looney The Lenny, and for awhile all of the other kids there did too. I think she was 5 when she made this painting. I always liked it. It is like Looney the Lenny in the sky. I am a cloud. A happy dream.

Artist Michael Albert's take on Looney Lenny circa 2000

And on his book cover can you find Looney Lenny's old logo? I'll give you a clue--it is toward the middle.

This one makes me feel good about not being overweight. I do feel worse about the size of my head however. I hang this by the bathroom mirror for a daily reality check.

Share your artwork with Looney Lenny and fellow Looney Lenny fans. Send pictures, photos, tributes and other ostentatious accolades to looneylenny@yahoo.com.

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