Starlight Gala 08

The Starlight Starbright Gala is always a lot of fun. There is a cocktail hour where the clowns chat up the guests and tell them about the program, show tricks and add a little color to all of the fancy dress. Then there is a dinner and speeches. One of my favorite parts is the little film about what we do--and I say we because they couldn't make a video with out me! (At least not yet.)

In past years I got to schmooze with Katie Holmes and Anne Hathaway as well as meeting the beautiful girls of All My Children. They are soooo nice. They have been really involved the last two years and have even visited some of the hospitals. I love it when celebrities give time to great organizations like Starlight.

This might be my 10th gala. I have been working with Starlight for the last 14 years and have been supplying clowns to other hospitals for nine. They are a great organization who really knows where the heart is and should be. Thanks Michelle for always treating us like the most important part.

My Grandpa Looney Louie. He taught me a lot of the tricks up my sleeve.

My clown friend Penny Pumernickle. She's really silly. Thanks for coming Penny!

Me and the All My Children Stars!

Gotta love it when the photographers yell "Kiss the Clown!"

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