Kansas City Clown

When I come to visit my home town I always like to put on a show for my nieces and nephew. I usually invite some of my friends' kids to come along. There is always a glimmer in their children's eye that reminds me of their parents. It is amazing--like accidentally spelling a word in your alpha-bits cereal.

This time I was invited to perform at two different schools. One was the same school I went to for Hebrew school my whole life, Beth Shalom. Many of my classmates now have their children in attendance there. The other is B'nai Jehudah, which I was never really affiliated with but my niece Leia now goes there.

Both crowds were fantastic! I saw some of my old friends there with their kids as well. They always say the same thing to me--my kids think I'm cool now because I am your friend. Thanks!

There was also a brief piece on my performances in the Kansas City Star. If I can find it I will post it here too.

I also paid a visit to my younger sister's job-where she works with children on the autistic spectrum. I forgot the name of the school but these kids were very well behaved and had a fantastic reaction to the show.

In the new social hall. I get the best view--the smiling faces!
There was about 100 kids. The laughter filled the room--it was big room.

You had a toilet plunger on your head? Gross!

Here I am pulling a coin out of Eton's ear - my old Friends Amy and Jason's son.
That is Amy behind him.

My 2 year old niece sees her first Looney Lenny show.

The B'nai Jehudah crowd was very into the show. Literally.

Here I am with my older sister. People say we look alike. hmmm-different noses.

With the autistic crowd plus Leia. My younger sister says they see the world in Black in White and that clowns fall more in the Gray area. That makes me interesting!
They interest me as well.

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