Today Is the First Blog of the Rest of Your Life

I have had my blog up and running for a little while but have not added anything to it. In order to make the blog more exciting by my release date, TBD, I have decided to enter in past dates and interesting tidbits of my life so far.

Some day I do hope to publish a book of all the strange experiences and silly situations I have managed to get myself into over the years. I am certain you will find them as entertaining as I did having them fall in my lap or more appropriately tossed in my face like a pie. A big creamy one, you didn't see that coming, serendipity pie! They are better eaten cold I find--and with a fork. Oh well, such is the life of a clown.

Please do feel free to send me personal notes if you are a fan or pictures (of yourself with me or drawings of me); I will be posting them on the site as well. After all, if a clown makes a joke in the woods when no one is there will the tress hear it? Hmmm.

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