Creatures of Habit

People often ask me if I wear my outfit on the streets from gig to gig, and what's that like and do you get strange looks from people?

I do wear my outfit on the street and the train and in the pizza place and subway sandwich shop. I often forget I even have my outfit and make up on because I wear it so often. I have run in to friends while strolling home after a gig and we can walk for blocks chatting and every person who walks by checks me out. Eventually my friend will turn to me and say "Why do people keep staring at us?" completely forgetting that I am in costume. So perhaps I have the ability to make it invisible but only to one person at a time.

It always seems a great surprise to my fans when I run in to them on the street. As if Looney Lenny could just materialize outside your door on your birthday rather than take two forms of mass transit and try not to sweat off his blue eyebrows in the process.

I will say that the look of surprise on their face upon discovering me standing on the subway platform or sitting next to them on the crosstown bus gives me a satisfying thrill. There are of course the many instances where I have made new friends waiting for the train or standing in line somewhere for free cheesecake. Sometimes I meet person after person as I walk through Central Park on my way home. It is nice to feel like a flower people want to stop and look at and, uhm, smell. This metaphor is getting a little weird.

It is a great pleasure to be a clown in NYC. I enjoy being one of those things that people run in to unexpectedly while grabing lunch and say "Only in New York." There are a few draw backs however.

1. You cannot get angry at roving evangelists or homeless people on the subway even if they harass you directly.

2. You can never be sure it is safe to pick your nose without being seen.

3. You can be sure that because you are dressed like a clown you will be harassed by roving evangelists and homeless people. If not homeless then certainly two beans shy of a full pie. mmmm, pie.

The following are some pictures I took and said to myself "Only in New York."

Ralfy the Wonder Dog seen here exiting the Bedford Street Station on the L line.

Headless Joe the Bear hailing a cab on 2nd ave in the East Village.

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