How 2 Have Flair

I love to collect pins for my lapel. Now that I have been doing it for the last ten years or so I notice other people who collect different kinds of pins. There are more than you would initially think. And apparently there are quite few different kinds of pins to collect. I mostly collect pins from places I visit or things I like The Muppets, Mork & Mindy, etc.) The average Looney Lenny vest has 12-30 pins.

The pins on this man's hat seem to have crests of some kind on them. Maybe he is a member of different clubs like Lions Club, Rotary Club and Free Masons. Let me know if you have seen them before. Also feel free to tell me what kind of pins you collect. Who knows, maybe we can work a trade someday.

Vest # 1.

Vest # 2.

Extra flair for vest # 3.

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