Pillars Of Communication

In the same day I saw two stickers put on subway pillars.

One is part of a special information project. Their goal is to connect the virtual and physical world by bringing the right information from the internet to the relevant place in physical space. The number is a physical hyperlink to wikipedia. http://semapedia.org/w/29139

The other is a political sticker from a group called the Guerrilla Girls about how many women vs men there are in the senate and in Hollywood. According to this sticker 9% of the Senate are women and 4% of directors in Hollywood are women. As an added note I looked up the world population and found the estimated population of the world is six billion people, four billion women, and two billion men. The Guerrilla Girls say they are "feminist masked avengers in the tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood, Wonder Woman and Batman." Good for them. Even if 50% of superheroes are women then they could always use another.

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