Looney Lenny For Mayor!

I heard today that Mike Bloomberg, our Mayor for the last two terms, has opened up a campaign headquarters in all 5 boroughs. It struck me as odd that someone who has shown what they can do for the city for the last 8 years wouldn't be able to win the election again if he did a good job in that time. What could spending money on more headquarters do?

Then it occurred to me...he wants someone to challenge him for the office. So far, no realistic candidate has really surfaced.

So I would like to announce my candidacy for Mayor of New York. I will not be opening any headquarters in any borough--but I will keep both my hind and head quarters clean until the election. That is a promise I can definitely keep. If I am elected Mayor I guarantee New York will be taken more seriously.

My first act as the Hizzoner will be to make every train in the subway stop at a new party no matter what station is your final destination.

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