The Taste in the Taste

I will be doing two shows this year first one at 11:30 and second at 12:45 or so. Looking forward to the big crowds and all of my downtown friends coming out. Shout out to my peeps at the Park PreSchool! You can guarantee there will be some new tricks in store for all.

Come see
Looney Lenny at:

Taste of Tribeca
Saturday May 16th
11:30am - 3:00pm

Unfortunately due to economic foibles Penny and The Major will not be joining me. Perhaps next year. Looking forward to seeing you all. Here are some great pix form last years fun-tastic event.

Me squinting in the afternoon sun. The weather was fantastic. Keep your fingers crossed for this year.

Penny Pumpernickle paints faces. She is also a puppeteer.

One of my fans enjoys a lollipop after being painted.

Major Harry Wonderpants. People call him the "Mini Me." He's actually a lot taller than me.

Major Harry Wonderpants, Me and Penny Pumpernickle at last years Taste of Tribeca festival.

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