A Name By Any Other Nose Has Hair Like This

Pictured: Ambrose Martos. Not Pictured: Pizza.

Last Friday night I went to see a friend of mine perform at Ars Nova. He did a work in progress of his one man show about the uniqueness of names. His name is Ambrose and the show centers around him having a unique name, and his personal experience with feeling alienated and trying to find comfort in other historical Ambroses.

I am fairly certain Ambrose wouldn't want me putting too many spoilers on here but I did enjoy voting on what celebrity baby had the most ridiculous name. My personal favorite was Penn Jillette's daughter: Moxie Crimefighter.

My personal favorite Ambrose is
Ambrose Burnside, the originator of the side burn. Of course my real favorite is Ambrose the host--the show was great for a first read through and I am looking forward to its next incarnate. I will try and keep you blog-o-rifics informed in future.


Andrew Hammer said...
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heartseverywhere said...

Now Looney Lenny - isn't it safe to say that Princess Pajama trademarked Bloggerific? ;-)


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