CMOM with Music for Ardvarks and Lauire Berkner

Last weekend, on a rainy Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of entertaining at a Children's Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) Fundraiser event uptown. I did some magic table to table while the kids had lunch and then chilled during the raffle. So many of my good friends were there from Bank Street. I have been entertaining at their fall fair for the last 12 years. It is always a blast and of course I have a great fan base there. I had been alerted that some fans would be there but I would say that 75% of the kids in the room knew me previously. As you can imagine, I had a trail of kids following me from table to table. The more the merrier I always say. Some of the kids had some really funny names. There was my Pal Smella and her sister Nosey and of course Sofa Head and Jelly Roll were there. Doggie and Snoozy were hanging around as well as Isasmella and Bathroom. They seem inseparable.

After lunch we all went upstairs for the Music for Aardvarks set. They were great musicians and had a few classic songs the kids seemed to know. I saw quite few parents singing along to the Taxi Song. Actually more of them were singing along than the kids. You want to know what makes a clown laugh? That really made me crack up. Then I went up and did a few tricks before introducing Laurie Berkner. I met her a bunch of years ago when I was first starting Clown-O-Rific through my good friend Catherine who is amazing cellist. Laurie was nice enough to let me try and sell her as one of my party packages. Back then she was only $275 for a half hour set. And back then that was pricey. She became ragingly popular shortly after that--I believe it was after she did Madonna's daughters b-day. PR is much like magic. It is all about getting the audience to look where you want them to. She certainly deserves it. She put on a great show and the kids loved her. My favorite that I had never heard before was Rocketship Run It had everyone jumping up in the air. I had my own corner of the audience bouncing round until I was about to melt from perspiration.

The best part of the day was walking outside after a rainy morning and seeing that the world had changed to sunshine and fluffy clouds and everyone out in Central Park. I walked across the park on my way home having given out every single million dollars I had in my pocket that morning. I hoped I didn't run in to any fans on the way. Wouldn't want to disappoint.

With my friends Snack as Mini Looney Lenny and his twin sister Soapie as a ring master.

I did a few tricks between music acts. They took my mic stand so it was a good thing Mini Looney Lenny was there to help.

Thanks for sending in these iphone pix. I love the way they capture the authenticity of the moment.

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