Taste of Success- Tribeca Delivers

Taste of Tribeca was another big hit. This is my 4th year and it is a heackov an event. I hope if you didn't go down there and sample the great eats you will go to the restauants in the Tribeca area. They need your help in these trying times and not only is it some of the best food NY has to offer the owner's and chef's are some of the nicest people you will meet. Get your eat on and get down and support our local flavor!

See you all next year! Laughs included.

Where I belong--in front of a massive crowd of admiring fans.

Right before my pants fell down!

Right after! Just kidding. I keep my pants on at all times. The underwear however is a different story. ; o ) I was having a suspender malfunction that day for some reason.

Looney Lenny Ponders that mysterious realm--the inside of his pockets!

Lenny and the Chapman Clan: Candle, Tickler and Jelly Bean. I did Candles b-day once or twice, Tickler's 3 times and Jelly Bean's twice. That's a lot of clownin'. Thanks for the support! You guys are the best.

Me at Tickler's B-day way back when. Thanks for the memories! I love getting pix. Keep em coming.

Also thanks to Jellyhead's Grandma for the Taste pix as well as the mom's who sent in the close ups of the laughter. I love to see those faces beaming with excitement--great to see it captured here.

Keep sending in those pix fans!

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