Jellyhead's 7th B-day at Figaro Cafe

I came to the party right after a big event and had to fix my make up. This was far too intriguing to my crowd. I also eat pizza if you want to see something really special.

Whats that? I can't hear you I have a banana in my ear.

The b-day girl, Jellyhead, in a magic hat! (and me in a b-day hat.)

Oops! You've got a toilet plunger on your head!

Step 1. Pick a card. Now don't tell me what it is.

Step 2. It magically transforms on to this silk!

Step 3. we use the card grater--like a cheese grater, to get it off the scarf.

Step 4. Spray the b-day girl with mustard!

Step 5. Love me!

Step 6. Pix with fans.

Step 7. Pix with BIG fans.

Step 8. I ate before I take a picture of yourself with the B-day girls Grandma's camera when she isn't looking.

Thanks to Aunt Fairly Underpants --our resident face painter, I have some silly video clips of this show. I will put them up later. I must first use my magic to acquire technical abilities to know how to do this.

Thanks Grandma for sending the pix. It was blast!

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