Laughter in Teardrop Park

Before we start the show at the Barclay party last week. A whole new group of Lenny Groupies.

I have been doing shows for The Park Preschool for many years now. So long that I have entertained at many kids 4, 5 and 6th b-day parties and then their little brother or sisters parties. Now they have opened a new division, The Barclay Street Preschool, and a whole new bunch of kids are my new fans.

Today I did the Park Preschool party--where all of my die hard fans go to school. I cannot describe the feeling of walking out in front of 50 kids who have had me at their party or seen me multiple times at their friends parties or at the school parties. Tony Gilroy said it best "You are like Mick Jagger to these kids." I truly do have a rock star moment--but better--because they are kids first off, but because I get to walk right up to my audience and engage them eye to eye. Part of my secret to great performance is making eye contact with every single kid. In this case I know every audience member, their Looney name and their siblings and their parents--so it is a treat to see them growing older through the patter of the show and how they respond.

There were two boys in the audience today that I had seen so many times I got them confused at first glance--not that they look alike--but because they are equals in being big fans and living in the same neighborhood. I called him 'Jack-in-the-box' and he promptly corrected me and said "No, I'm 'Snake'!" After the show he came up to me and told me "We are going to be friends forever, even after I am dead." I like that idea. I hope he is right.

I get to do one more Park Preschool party this summer for the summer school crowd. Looking forward to bringing more laughter to Teardrop Park.

Send pix! I don't have any of today's performance with the Park Preschool Crowd and it was massive. Forgot my camera! Silly Clown.

Me on the subway after the show.

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