Umbilically Yours

The Umbilical Brothers are a fantastic physical comedy duo who often use sound effects to make their already exaggerated movements come to life in a hysterical amalgam of classic comedy and serious performance chops. They also have a children's show called the "UpsideDown Show"on Noggin that I think is one of the best to come around in recent years. Rumor has it (they whispered it in my ear so it counts as a rumor) that they are working on a movie version sometime this year. I was fortunate enough to see them a bunch last time they were in NYC. Looney Lenny highly recommends these guys for kids of all ages (that means adults too). Just be careful what you let your tyke watch, as they also have adult themed material that is a little more risque. Check out one of my favorite vids here. And be sure to check out their show "Speedmouse" next time they are in town. Be sure to tell them Looney Lenny sent ya!

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