Looney Lenny T-shirts are in!!!

Yes, Looney Lenny fans, it's true! The all new Looney Lenny T-shirt is here. Currently available in Small Kid, Medium Kid or sort of
Large-ish Kid sizes. If people like them--or you personally request it--we will make adult sizes.

Modeled by Sluby-the first to get one! Don't be the last! Which is nearly impossible because we can always make more...

This is the first design we will offer, but hope to add a different design each year. This year Looney Lenny turns 16, so we will most likely have a "Sweet 16" special-T by years end.

Email us to let us know if you want a shirt for your fan--or if you are booking a party make sure to tell us to include it in your package for the b-day child or as a goodie bag item for all of your guests. Beats a bag full of plastic junk made in China for a penny (sorry OTC).


Cathy Anderson said...

Hubby liked this shirt for work and it fit correctly. Champion is a good brand and we never had a problem with any of champion t shirts

100% cotton T-shirts manufacturer said...

The design of this T-shirt is really very nice and the little baby looks very awesome with this T-shirt for wearing it. I like the logo and overall things very much. Thanks mate :)

historypak said...

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MinMax Textile said...

Nice design!!! wearing this stylish t shirt the little kid looks very cute.
Thanks to you, for share with us!!!


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